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4 Essential Oils That Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal.

4 Essential Oils That Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal.

essential oils for weight loss

You may already know that essential oils can help with everything from headaches and congestion, to upset stomachs.  But did you know that they could also be a secret weight loss weapon?

Some essential oils can have a pretty major impact on your mood, which in turn, could help nix the urge to nosh mindlessly. And others could affect things like blood sugar and fat-burning—two things that have a direct impact on weight.

So, which ones work? Here’s a look at five research-backed picks, plus how to give them a try to reap the best results. Incorporate them into your routine, and you just might see slim down progress a little bit sooner.

Peppermint Oil.

essential oils for weight loss

It’s no secret that we’re more prone to giving into junk food when we’re wiped. Which is where peppermint oil comes in. “Many of our cravings and eating habits are rooted in fatigue, brain fog, or stress,” says Taz Bhatia, MD, integrative health expert, and author of Super Woman RX. According to a Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study, a whiff of the cool, refreshing scent can ease mental exhaustion. In turn, this could strengthen your resolve to refuse that cookie or brownie. Dropping some peppermint oil into a diffuser should do the trick.



essential oils for weight loss

This citrusy scent just might play a role in boosting your metabolism. One day found that inhaling grapefruit essential oil spurred the breakdown of fat tissue in rats by stimulating their sympathetic nervous systems.

Experts have more to learn about how grapefruit essential oil might help humans with weight loss—but the benefits are thought to come from limonene, a chemical compound found in many citrus fruits, explains Eric Zielinski, DC, author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils.



essential oils for weight loss

 Animal Studies suggest that the aroma of lime essential oil seems to suppress appetite and promote weight loss. Like its cousin the grapefruit, the benefits are thought to come from limonene, which seems to play a role in curbing hunger, Zielinski says.

For the biggest benefits, try adding 5 to 6 drops of lime essential oil to a diffuser shortly before a meal. Or, rub 12 drops of oil blended with one ounce of carrier oil (like almond or jojoba) into the back of your neck or abdomen. “It will penetrate into the bloodstream within minutes,” says Zielinski.



essential oils for weight loss

The floral oil is known for its calm-inducing, tension-taming properties. Which, if you’re prone to scarfing down snacks when you’re frazzled, could nix the urge to stress eat. (And help you cut out loads of extra calories!) “When we’re in a state of relaxation, we don’t seek comfort behaviors [like overeating] that might not be the best for us,” Bhatia says.

Just the scent of lavender is enough to make you feel more mellow, found one Oregon Health & Science University study. But for a serious chill pill, indulge in the aroma while spending a few minutes in child’s pose, Bhatia suggests.

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