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5 Warning Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

5 Warning Signs You Are In An Abusive Relationship

Abuse comes in many forms in a relationship. You could be emotionally, financially, mentally or psychologically abused without knowing. Many people are in relationships where they have no clue what is going on. Most times, when you are in love, it becomes almost impossible to say whether you are abused or not, you cover it all up.

Abuse if not corrected at the early stage could escalate to a big issue beyond your control. Below is a list of signs to point to you that you are in an abusive relationship.

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  1. Perpetual abuse in all forms

These are signs that are obvious to you and maybe those around you. Abuse could be physical, mental or emotional, depending on the one you experience. The signs are always thee, we just decide to ignore it most times. If your partner hits you, criticize or hurt you constantly with words, you should consider heading out. Abuse in this form is never a good one. It plays a major role in affecting your being. Never allow anyone belittle you or your intentions. You feel ignored by your partner most times and it takes effort to get their attention.

  1. Constant fear

Fear creeps in each time your partner is around you. It becomes almost impossible to express yourself without fear. You are constantly afraid to be yourself when they are around because you don’t know what could trigger anger. This is a sign of abuse and if not dealt with, you become a total stranger around your partner. Your acts are always wrong to them, you never seem to do anything right. Fear should not be allowed in any relationship; it makes a relationship less fit.

  1. You have no mind of your own

As much as you try to fight it, you just can’t. Making decision becomes almost impossible for you. You have to wait on your partner to decide what you do and how you do it. You have no control over your own life and time and your partner takes a bigger role in decision making. This is a sign of abuse. Your life is important and you deserve to be treated as one that is important. You can’t leave your entire life in the control of others. You have the right to your own opinions too.

  1. Complete isolation

If the relationship constantly drives you away from your partner and those around you, you are probably abused. You know how unhealthy your relationship is, so you complete avoid any discussion that has to do with it. You accept and endure all you go through in the relationship all by yourself. You are abused and you don’t want others to know, so you isolate yourself and act like all is well. This is a clear sign of abuse.

  1. You are belittled

If your partner constantly makes you feel like you are less than you are or your life goal or career is nothing, then you are abused. If he/she makes you feel like you are insignificant, no matter your efforts, then you should consider quitting. Relationships are meant to make you grow, feel loved and appreciated, but if you are not getting any of these, you are abused both emotionally and mentally. There is nothing as terrible as feeling belittled, it makes you have a low self- esteem, which is not good for you of the relationship.

Nothing feels more terrible than coping in an abusive relationship. One day you are loved; the next day you are bullied. Love should make you feel better about yourself not otherwise. When you experience any or all of these signs, you need nobody to tell you what you are going through. It is better to seek help or find a way out.


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