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6 Basic Fashion Items For Trendy Ladies

6 Basic Fashion Items For Trendy Ladies

There are 6 basic fashion items for trendy ladies. If you are a lover of fashion and you love to make fashion statement wherever you go, then you need to see this and share.

Do you ever wonder what ladies carry about in their bags? Often times the bags looks so big and you fear there is more to the contents. Ladies go about with items that are not so essential to their daily outings. Even if you don’t agree with all the items, you should be certain some are absolutely essential. Regardless of your age and your fashion sense, these items should be included in your bag or wardrobe.


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It does not really matter if you are a pro makeup artist or a learner, makeup is a must have for you. You don’t have to do the heavy look makeup, but go nude once in a while. Some of us just have an oily skin, so it is important you have at least an oil control product in your makeup purse. Makeup gives a perfect touch to your look. For your everyday simple look, you need your powder, brow pencil, lip gloss, lipstick, makeup brush, oil control powder and eye liner. With these simple tools, you are good to go.


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This is the cheapest and most affordable item a lady must have. There are pins, brooches that are pretty cool depending on your choice. Pins are handy and can stay in your clutch or bag pocket. Pin saves you from unexpected embarrassment when your button falls off. Pins could serve as an accessory for your shirts or dresses.


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This is a must have fashion item that makes up a lady’s wardrobe. A blazer is completely chic on its own. It gives a lady the necessary style and boss look ever. A blazer has a way of complementing your outfits, ranging from a dress, shirt, jean, high waist skirt, bum short and so on. With a blazer, you wouldn’t ever go wrong. It comes with a great sense of confidence.



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I don’t know how others view it, but smelling nice is so much of a great deal. Perfume is a must have item. It gives you an identity and confidence you want. Perfumes does not necessarily have to be expensive, you could go for the affordable and subtle ones. This item should always be in your bag; you never can tell when you need it.


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This is a trendy fashion item. Especially when you have the fold able ones that could fit perfectly in your hand bag. Umbrella now is not just meant for rainy or sunny days. People consciously just use it to feel stylish. Fashion umbrellas complement your outfits. They vary from animal prints, ruffles, plain, vintage or any design you desire. They have various shapes, colors and sizes.


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This small size lotion comes useful always. It gives your hand/palm that subtle feel and nice smell you desire. Imagine how embarrassing it is when you shake someone with a dry and rough palm. It could serve as hand cream or even body cream depending on what you need it for.

Ladies are different and our needs differs. But no matter the age, trend and needs, these are items are essential. There are other items not listed here, like scarves, turbans, handbag, shoes, accessories and so on. But these are the basic must have

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