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6 Basic Questions Couples Should Ask Before The final”I Do”

6 Basic Questions Couples Should Ask Before The final”I Do”

In Relationships, there are basic questions couples should ask before the final ”I Do”.  According to Robert Scuka, “If you don’t deal with an issue before marriage, you deal with it while you’re married”. When it comes to marriage, there are some questions that requires answers.

There are questions you have to look critically into before making the decision of getting married. Many people experiencing divorce and breakups is mostly as a result of their negligence to the right questions.

Some couples shy away from these questions due to; shyness, fear of rejection, over confidence or desperation to get hooked. Most times, we are not ready for these questions, but we may never be ready till we are caught off guard.

Below is a list of those must ask questions before you get married or say the final ”I Do”.

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How Compatible Are We?

The question of compatibility is a very important must ask question. Often times, couples get carried away by the whole love thing and forget what is important. You should sort this out first before considering marriage. How compatible are we emotionally, sexually, financially and morally? Some partners have strong sexual desires. Ask if you can cope with the drive. Are you fine with a partner that is not as financially buoyant as you are? What if your partner becomes a liability? How important is religious activities? Are you fine to tolerate your partner flaws? Can you cope with their bad sides?

Genotype& Blood Group

Even when you go for counselling, you are advised to know your Genotype and blood group before you get deep into the relationship. Our parents probably ignored these part because they were not so learned. And as a result, they gave birth to kids that fall sick at intervals. Now we are in a new age, it is just right to ask this questions so we don’t put unborn kids into trauma.

Where Do You See This Relationship in 5 years?

To be sure you are not just embarking on a short-term marriage, ensure you constantly ask this question. It gives you an insight on what your partner is looking for. This question makes both of you value the relationship more and also to make it work. Do you see us in a better apartment, with kids, still together, better than we were when we met?

How Do We Resolve Issues?

Issues are bound to occur when you get married. You must be ready to resolve it regardless of what happens. Do we resolve issues on our own? Or Do we involve  third party? You should have it behind your back that you must resolve issues amicably. The goal for resolving issues is for peace sake. So whoever is helping to resolve the issue must be someone close to the family.

Kids Issues

You should plan ahead for the numbers of kids you expect in the marriage. How important is having kids to us? Also make efforts to have the resources needed to take care of the number of kids you plan to have. Do we need to go through family planning? When exactly do we want to start having kids? Definitely, when kids start to come in, you how do we cope with the kid’s school fees, feeding and so on.  How often do the kids see their grandparents? Are they allowed to live with family members?

How Do You View My Family Members? If you are in a relationship with someone, you should be conscious of the view they view your family members. How a person treat your family is a reflection of how they see you. Ask questions like ‘’will you support my family; will you treat them like yours? If there are family occasions, will you be present? How do we financially support members of our family? How often do we plan a visit to them?





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