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6 Tips To Make Your Wedding A Memorable One

6 Tips To Make Your Wedding A Memorable One

Yes, wedding is here and we are all excited on how to go about it. Finally, he popped the question that you’ve been longing to hear him say? Everyone is so excited for you, your friends are filled with joy and gladness anticipating how the wedding day would be like. Your wedding day should be the most memorable day of your life. Well, maybe until you get to hold your mini you or your mini hubby for the first time.

Anyways, our focus here is on The Wedding Day. There is so much I could say about weddings but I would like to remind you of certain things that could make your wedding day more memorable for you especially as a Nigerian.

Getting married is something most ladies wish for. It is a thing of joy that you have found that special someone with whom you are willing to settle down with and spend the rest of your life with, in “quarrels” and in peace. O! In case you didn’t know, there must always be quarrels, because you and your partner are imperfectly-perfectly matched and from two different backgrounds.

So, back to the main of the matter. “What Makes Your Wedding Day More Memorable?”


One sure thing that would make you smile when remembering how your wedding day went is how you looked on your wedding day. How satisfied you are with your wedding dress could make you really happy and confident. Your wedding dress gives you that confidence to walk down that aisle happy, satisfied and bold enough to meet the man of your dreams standing right there smiling from the depth of his heart, satisfied that he is getting married to a woman with taste. You would be surprised how that dress bolsters your confidence. So you have to take your time to look for that perfect wedding dress and accessories that would make you blush when you look back at how beautiful you looked.


The best way to make and keep your memories alive is when you get the services of a very good photographer and videographer that is trusted. It is one of the most important thing to you and your hubby, without this your wedding could be easily forgotten because there’s no picture or video to keep for remembrance sake.

  1. FOOD! FOOD!! FOOD!!!

Yummy, (licking my tongue) this is the part I won’t forget in a hurry, especially the jollof & fried rice. I even had to request for take away in my own wedding because of it’s delicious taste, if I couldn’t resist, why should you not include this in yours?

The truth is that one of the many reasons we all go to weddings is to eat, drink and check out the bride’s dress. I doubt that most of us would be happy leaving a wedding occasion without having something to eat, especially our party jollof rice. Trust me, most people would not fail to forget if the food did not get to them at your wedding.

4.Hall Capacity

Definitely, you don’t want your guests standing or hanging around at your wedding. There is an important need to get enough space to convey your guests. It doesn’t do justice to your event, after inviting people and they have nowhere to sit. Plan your wedding to your taste, but more importantly, consider enough space. So everywhere does not feel clumsy.


Ambience is everything. Do you know that your colours and decorations can have an effect on your mood? You don’t want to use boring colour combinations that would dampen your spirit as well as your guests. Simple primary decorations can go a long way, and have your guests raving. So keep your decorations simple and yet beautiful. I know this could be difficult for our Nigerian brides.


Hmm, trust me, these are very important people at your wedding. Your Dj and MC could make or mar your day. You don’t want to have a DJ that would bore the life out of your guests with boring old songs and an MC cracking stale, dry jokes. Get people that are extremely good at this.


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